Roger Voter grew up experiencing the successful growth of his parent’s business, Gizmos Art. He has since used these skills plus experience from NASA and the congressional office to create a few ventures of his own. While studying at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School, Roger co-founded the International Medical Aid, a non-profit that travels to developing countries improving access to medicine. He personally overlooked the implementation of mobile healthcare clinics in South America, East Africa and the Caribbean. Before his international experience and after graduating from Carroll Community College, Roger co-founded a retro video gaming experience. Save Point has gained contracts across the country for arcade machine and video game rentals at conventions.

Roger's current focus is improving and updating his existing ventures through further research, development and marketing while exploring two new business ventures and a nonprofit idea.

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    "My personal success is having fun and being able to walk away with an experience, something I can use in my future."
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    "We even joked about starting a game store … and now we actually have a store."
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    "We believe that this is an important part of keeping peace in the world,"
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